• Even with other organizations nearby selling items at the same time, we were able to sell over 350 items, making over $1500 profit.  Most definitely will be doing this annually.  Customer service was the best I have ever experienced - extremely professional and prompt, yet still communicated a genuine caring for our results and satisfaction.

  • The pies seriously sold themselves.  We had a little contest going for a pizza party… We sold 500 pies effortlessly - First timers too!  We also gave a family 4 pack of movie tickets to the highest sellers (Cost us $25.00 each pack - 2 families won) - Both sold 30 pies each! We made $3,000! We are definitely selling again for Thanksgiving.

  • Dynamite!  Everyone I spoke to or emailed was quick to reply and courteous.  I love knowing the order will be without flaws, timely, and the drivers always so nice.


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